Preparing Hajj Prayer Mat

There are two types of Hajj prayer mats. There is the traditionally patterned one and there is the more modern style. Both offer a certain quality to prayer, which must be kept intact, especially in hajj.

The most common Hajj prayer mat that is used is the traditional one. This is the kind that has a small mat cloth and that has a prayer riz, or the small rug on top of the cloth. The riz is held up by strings, which allow people to extend them to pray for comfort during hajj.

The traditional hajj prayer mat is usually hand woven, so it is strong and durable. The stitching used in hajj is also exceptional. Most of the stitching is done with a special color, so that if it is touched, it is not stitched together again. It is considered to be very important that the prayer riz is of the same color as the hajj clothing.

This type of hajj prayer mat is usually made out of wool, which is a natural material that is both comfortable and also easily stitched with a machine. You can also buy this mat without the riz, which is best suited for someone who cannot afford the cloth. It would also be good for a handicapped person who can't carry the full size mat. A hand-knit carpet is another alternative that can be used instead of the traditional prayer mat.

These mats have different designs and patterns, such as animals, words or designs of the Qur'an. Some are embroidered or colored, but these are very expensive and will only be used by the richest of people.

A more fashionable hajj prayer mat is the faux version. This one looks exactly like the traditional version, except that it is actually more expensive. It comes in a variety of colors and can be embroidered to show off a person's personal touch.

Although these are more affordable, they are not as strong as the traditional hajj prayer mat. A person may be able to use the faux one, but they will get a better one as soon as the hajj season is over.

The modern version of the prayer mat is the very popular one. These are made of vinyl, canvas or even cotton, depending on the area where the hajj is being performed. They come in many colors and designs, which make it easy to find one that matches the clothing you are wearing.

People who go on hajj should keep the hajj cloth they are wearing clean. This can mean a short-term cleaning, but it can also mean a longer process of rinsing the cloth with water, using the sun's light to dry it and finally with a special method known as murabaha. It is recommended that you do this before you leave home.

If you do not have the money to purchase a washable hajj prayer mat, you can buy an alternative called a rug. These rugs are different from the prayer mat because they can be washed at home. You should wash it carefully before using it for hajj.

The hajj cloth is similar to what you are wearing when you get off the plane at the airport. The prayer mat should be washed just as often as you are washing your clothes. This is because it is actually the second garment that is washed after the hajj shirt, which is why it is washed more often.

Do your best to clean it before leaving home.